Read Exam Summary & Practice NOUN POP & E-exam Mock Exams

6 Things You Should Know About the NOUNBasics Mock Exam

  1. It is available in two formats: E-exam and POP exam, depending on the course code.
  2. Study notes and exam summaries are available for each round of mock exams.
  3. We use artificial intelligence to generate questions and study notes. Our AI model is trained on the NOUN course materials and past exam questions, so it knows exactly what you need to know to pass your exams.
  4. The course materials are divided into smaller units called rounds. Each round costs N10 and consists of 20 questions for E-exams and 4 questions for POP exams.
  5. Correct answers and scores are displayed at the end of each round.
  6. You can always restart the rounds when you reach the end of the course material.

How to use

  • Login or create an account with your email and password
  • Enter a course code
  • Click on a course code
  • Click on "Add Course" button
  • Click on "Open" button
  • Click on "Open" button
  • Click on "Attempt Mock Exam" button
  • Wait for the questions to arrive
  • Read the exam summary attached to the mock exam or start attempting the mock exam right away.