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NOUNBasics is an EdTech company with a special focus on the National Open University of Nigeria. At NOUNBasics, we have developed several online solutions to meet the academic needs of the students, including Personalized Exam Timetable and, more recently, first of its kind POP Mock Exam, knowledge base for AI-based TMA Answers, best in class e-exam mock exam, and Free e-exam Summary.

NOUNBasics helps automate the self-learning system employed by the school by providing world-class tools that you can leverage for academic assessments and development. For example, you can read our exam summaries for free and practice with our mock exams.

Our E-exam Mock Exam feature is designed to be simple to navigate. An e-exam mock exam session consists of 70 randomized questions, including Multiple Choice and Fill in the Blank questions.

An e-exam Mock Exam is submitted after 30 minutes, which means you have 30 minutes to answer 70 questions. The e-exam mock exam is automatically submitted for marking once the time is up. Your score is calculated, and questions with correct answers are revealed at the end of the mock exam.

Results and Progress Dashboards are available at your fingertips.